poniedziałek, 4 sierpnia 2008

Leo _erre - Il n'y a plus rien (courtesy)

This was shared by pyrata of the excellent Muziksucker blog in response to my previous Ferre missive ages ago. I listened to it, and it's absolutely jawdropping, so I decided to put it here (click on the cover, you'll be redirected to the relevant Muziksucker post). I think it's the best record from the Monsieur - I have listened to quite a lot albums of his in the last few months, and they all kick ass, but this kicks a thousand asses. Pretty much orchestral stuff; ears up, Scott Walker fans, again. Dunno how he achieved this, but these wordy songs keep me on my toes, and I don't understand a word here! Recommendations? - "Richard", and of course the devastating title track.

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