niedziela, 6 kwietnia 2008

Morton _eldman - Chamber Music

The Brian Eno of contemporary classical music. Even though all of his stuff sounds samey, you can easily say which piece is better. ('Why' is a whole another matter.) If you ask me, I'll point to the two last numbers on this cd.
1. For Franz Kline (1962)
2. - 4. The O'Hara Songs (1962)
5. De Kooning (1963)
6. Piano Piece (to Philip Guston) (1963)
7. Four Instruments (1965)
8. For Frank O'Hara (1973)
Performed by Ensemble Avantgarde (of Germany), released on Wergo Records in 1996. Encoded in the .ogg format at the absurd bitrate of 500: PART 1 and PART 2.

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