wtorek, 25 marca 2008

Honorable mention: Souled American - "Frozen", 1994

Even though their name does not begin with F, three - out of six - albums by this Chicago outfit bear the following names: "Fe", "Flubber", and "Frozen". Plus, their music is _ucking awesome. They have to be credited as the inventors of alternative country. Anyone who heard them, started their own band (the Mountain Goats, Jim O'Rourke). I wanted to put up all their three F-albums, but I can't find "Fe" anywhere, so I'll just stick to my favourite one. "Frozen", their fifth record, was made after their drummer had left the band and the remaining three-piece (Chris Grigoroff, Joe Adducci, Scott Tuma) had decided to carry on sans drumming. It's not alt-country anymore, it's ambient country, for what it's worth. Utterly magical.

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